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Wood Flooring offer a massive range of solid wood and engineered wood flooring in Liverpool and Merseyside to suit all budgets and styles.

Engineered Wood Flooring

If you're looking to upgrade your existing flooring, look no further than With over 25 years of industry experience that we're waiting to share with our customers, our knowledgeable team are on hand to help you choose the best flooring for your specific needs.

Engineered wood flooring is constructed using a technique of bonding rigid /stable plywood base layers to a solid wood top layer. This offers all the advantages of solid wood flooring with the stability and technology of engineered.

We have engineered wood flooring in a range of designs to complement every preference, including oak, walnut and maple.

Code: 3254
Antique Distressed oak chene (220x14mm)
£52.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 3224
Chene Golden Oak laq. 15x183mm
£35.99 per
Thickness: 15mm
Code: 3160
Rustic Oak Engineered 'click' (Matt varnished) 15x183mm
£35.99 per
Thickness: 15mm
Code: 3223
White wash brushed 'click' (uv oiled) 15x183mm
£35.99 per
Thickness: 15mm
Code: 3215
125x14mm Cognac Oak distressed
£26.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 3199
Golden Oak (Chene 14mm)
£26 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 3159
Meister distressed parquet
£22.99 per
Thickness: 13mm
Code: 3094
125x14mm Cognac Oak
£25.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 2763
150x14mm Grey Oak Eng
£27.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 2832
150x14mm Dark Oak Brushed/oiled
£23.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 2807
150x18mm Oak Engineered UV Oiled
£32.50 per
Thickness: 18mm
Code: 3120
Meister cream Oak parquet
£22.99 per
Thickness: 13mm
Code: 3093
White Oak Engineered flooring 180x13mm
£20.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 3122
Oak Engineered 'click' (brushed/oiled) 15x183mm
£34.99 per
Thickness: 15mm
Code: 2734
125x14mm Black Oak Eng
£19.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 2672
125x14mm 'Click' Oak Eng.
£28.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 2464
150x14mm oiled. Oak Eng
£29.99 per
Thickness: 14mm
Code: 758
Chene hand scraped golden oak
£35.99 per
Thickness: 18mm
Code: 2460
hand scraped grey oak 189x20mm
£36 per
Thickness: 20mm
Code: 2136
Golden Oak (Chene 10mm)
£17.99 per
Thickness: 10mm
Code: 1869
Marseille Oak Plank
£29.99 per
Thickness: 20mm

Solid Wood Flooring

If you are looking to purchase wood flooring, look no further than!

We have something to suit budgets of all sizes, no matter how nuch you're looking to spend. We specailise in solid wood flooring, both traditional and contemporary.

You can choose from a range of designs including solid oak, walnut and maple.

Solid wood flooring is the ultimate flooring any home can have.  It provides beauty and warmth and can change the way a house looks and feels. The natural beauty of solid wood flooring can turn any house into a home.

When it comes to beautiful real oak flooring, you needn’t look anywhere else as we have the best flooring products at the cheapest rates around! This is because we buy at the maxium quanity so we have huge amounts of stock at any one time. This also enables us to keep our costs low and relay that discount on to you!

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